On Saturday 31st of September Prominent businesswomen, charitable and volunteer leaders also graced the ceremony with their presence Princess Dua Binth Mohammed inaugurated and launched the Prince Saud Al Faisal Cup, at the stadium Al Jawhra at king Abdullah Sports city.  princess Doaa bint Mohammed is the spouse of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Turki Al Saud, is one of the leading pioneers of community, has been doing charitable and humanitarian work, is an influential figure in the Arab world, is the UN Ambassador of Peace for Children and is the Ambassador of Peace and Human Rights.

Princess Dua is also a Goodwill Ambassador for Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development from the Arab Development Council for Women & Business and has a societal role in various fields including supporting children with cancer, orphans and elderly women. She is also supporting community relations for development and is maintaining charitable initiatives. Princess Duaa Bint Muhammad from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was unanimously named as Supreme Chairwoman by the Board of Directors of the Arab Women Foundation in Dubai. All the authorities and bodies that come under the Foundation will now function under Princess Duaa. Muhammad Al-Dulaimi, secretary-general of the Arab Women Foundation, said the selection of Princess Duaa for the highest post in the Foundation is an expression of the great appreciation for and pride over Princess Duaa’s initiatives and contributions to highlighting Arab woman’s bright image and supporting her successes and accomplishments


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