Eritrea becomes the Prince Saud Faisal Cup Champions!!.
Named after Prince Saud, longtime Saudi Foreign Minister. The finals match were played between Eritrea and Somalia. With very talented players on both sides, both teams showed amazing talents in the field.
Eritrea defeated Somalia by four unanimous 6 goals in the tournament Final for the Prince Saud Cup.

The Fairplay Award was presented to India for its outstanding performance in the tournament. India scored seven points from four matches, but unfortunate for the Indian team the Goal averaged out of the Somalia group in the second round.
ACC’s Player Mr. Faisal scored an amazing goal against the UAE for India, while the ACC’s Mr. Imad Shamlan scored four goals against Chad, Somalia, and Morocco. India’s other goals came from the Saudi players wearing Indian jerseys as our guests. Razi and India’s goalkeeper Shihab Kalika (ACC) has been the center of attention in every game. Sabin FC’s Aslam and Taufeeq played for India. It was the first time Indian players had the opportunity to hit the ball on a futsal turf.

The ACC, the famous football club in Jeddah, has invited the organizers to prepare the team.

The match was played at Al Johara Stadium on Medina Road.
Amira Dua Bint Mohammed, the Prince of Wales, senior officials of the Ministry of External Affairs and consulate representatives of several countries participated in the event. ACC Working President KP Siddique was also present at the organizing committee and Shibina Moiduppa, an IT engineer from Perinthalmanna was the presenter at the event.

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