The Supreme organizing committee of Diplomatic Consulate Football tournament has arranged the most awaited His highness Prince Saud Al Faisal cup, the football championship tournament uniting countries all over the world in the name of late Foreign minister Prince Saud al Faisal. Jeddah Kicks off at the King Abdullah sports city on Saturday starring consulate diplomacy in football, the first championship of its kind in the Kingdom in the stadium Al Jawhra nicknamed as the jewel. With about 30 teams of various nations taking part in the tournament competing for the championship, which has been scheduled to last for ten days.

Al Jawhra Stadium

The Executive Director of the tournament Ibrahim al – Bashir assures the Championship consulates diplomatic comes from the staunchest of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Al – Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs God ‘s mercy, who played an important role in order to achieve security, stability, and peace in the world and the support of the Arab issues and Islamic. He has pointed out that about 30 teams will be competing in this tournament, which aims at creating intimacy and love between countries and build bridges of cooperation. Al-Bashir expressed his thanks to all sectors that were the biggest supporters in the emergence of this championship, which is the first nucleus of the tournaments coming, God willing, especially the Director-General of events at Al-Jawhara Stadium Engineer Mohammed Al-Essa who has put a lot of efforts and cooperation with the organizing committees, especially the General Authority for Sports and Youth and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Jeddah for his part as the media adviser to the championship consulates.

Abdulaziz diplomatic Alandidjani has confirmed that the tournament will be launched tomorrow, Saturday at 7:00 p. All media channels have been invited to cover the event witnessed by the city of Jeddah in, sports carnival, to achieve championship goals and mission for which they broadcast will be held in the spirit of competition in football, which is undeniably the most famous sport in the world.

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