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Founders of ACC

Mr. Omar Farouq
(Founder President, ACC)
1994 - 1995

Mr. Omar Farouq was the founder president of ACC. He was on the position for the year till the end of year 1996. He supported to the football fans of Jeddah. He was a writer in Malayalam  current affairs on weeklies and dailies published from Kerala. His is on his retirement life in his home place near Wandoor, Kerala.

ACC was runner up of Saudi Indian Football Forum’s first senior division championship.

K. Veeran Kutty

1996 - 2000

Mr. Veeran Kutty organized the club in better position and give a leader position to ACC in  Jeddah Indian football field. His spent his maximum time for in the field. ACC is the champions of  the second and third SIFF. Also acquired several winner and runner trophies from various  football tournaments of Jeddah. Presently he is also on the retirement in home place Kontotty.

Our benefactors

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